Is a Mortgage Broker Right For You?

Is a Mortgage Broker Right For You? Are you having trouble deciding whether or not a mortgage broker is right for you?  Here’s some useful information to help you make a decision!  Mortgage brokers may provide more affordable costs compared to banks and mortgage banks. A mortgage brokerage firm is a licensed and regulated entity that brings borrowers and lenders together. They shop around with a variety of wholesale lending institutions across the country for the best terms possible. Keep in mind; your decision may vary depending on your current situation, credit score, etc. So before you make your decision, make sure you know where you stand.

Our lenders offer loan products such as Conventional loans, Federal housing administration loans (FHA), VA loans (Veteran Loans), Investment loans, and more. Having options is essential to making the right decision. Choosing a mortgage broker will take the weight off your shoulders from having to do it yourself. Have you decided yet? Call New Dwelling Mortgage and get pre-qualified today!