Bank Statement Loans

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Bank Statement Loans

A Valuable loan Option For Self-employed Borrowers

If you are self-employed, it can be difficult to show enough income on your taxes to qualify for a mortgage. It can also be a hassle to gather the necessary income docs needed to apply.

That’s why working with an independent mortgage broker like us can help. We offer bank statement loans, allowing qualified borrowers to provide their personal or business bank statements, instead of tax returns, to qualify for a loan up to $3M. Bank Statement Loans enable borrowers to go up to 85% LTV without having to pay MI, allowing lower monthly payments.

What are the benefits of a Bank Statement Loan?
Loan amounts up to $3,000,000
1-4 Units eligible
Up to 85% LTV and no PMI (Mortgage Insurance) required
6 months reserves required
Minimum of 12 months consecutive bank statements required
Still have questions on the Bank Statement Loan Process?

If you still have questions on the Bank Statement Process, please contact New Dwelling Mortgage at 1-844-317-3050, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.