Things To Do In New Jersey

Things To Do In New Jersey

The Matawan area in New Jersey has under 10,000 people residing, according to the 2019 US census. Still, sandy beaches, water activities, and lots of amusement parks are easily accessible. There are so many fun things to do in Matawan, New Jersey.

Visit The Beaches

There are various beaches in the area within proximity, like The Jersey Shore’s white-sand beaches and Ocean Grove’s Beach south along Main Street. The sandy beaches will give you the best time on the shores for relaxing sunbathing, fun on the sand, and cooling off in the water.

Fun Fact: Ocean Grove Beach is also known as “God’s Square Mile”.

Go Boat Riding

With the nearness of Matawan to the Atlantic Ocean, boat rides are a great adventure in New Jersey. The boat rides can include fishing if you are a fishing lover, dinner cruises for that short getaway, and boat rides along the Navesink River and Sandy Hook Bay. Check out the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor site for more information.

Museum Visit

The Menlo Park Museum, for example, contains original artifacts and shows the many inventions by the legendary Thomas Edison. The museum has outstanding features like the hallways such that it is listed on both National Historic Landmark and State Historic registers. This Museum is a must-see if you are in the area.

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