Simple First Time Home Buyers

Transcription: “Hey Everyone. So the reason why I decided to do this video is to help first time home buyers understand the process on how to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Now its super exciting going out with your Realtor and looking at houses but its also overwhelming when you don’t know what the next step is.

And so today we are going to simplify and explain to you in detail on how that works. So most folks believe you need a tremendous amount of paperwork in order to get the process started and that’s actually not true. As a matter of fact, you only need a few items to start the pre-qualification. And so some of those items you have access to an online account or you can retrieve them from home.

But you can easily upload them into our portal or just email them directly to the loan officer. So what are we looking for? We’re going to be looking at your income, we’re going to looking at your assets, we’re going to be looking at your FICO score and the debt associated with that FICO report and within a few hours after reviewing it we can pre-qualify you. So for those folks out there who are nervous about the process, here at New Dwelling Mortgage we make the process easy.

My name is Frank Collo president of New Dwelling Mortgage. If you have any questions, our number here is 718-855-4424.

Have a great day. “

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